Terms & Conditions


 The trainer accepts the student on the training programme consisting of both theoretical & practical parts. Either online via the the online training programme or in the classroom face to face.

 Upon completion of the programme, the student is awarded a pamperlicious by kelly accredited IPHM Certificate.

  • The trainer- Provides training consisting of a theoretical or practical parts either face to face or via the online training programme. 
  •  Provides the student with a training place that meets a working place with protection & hygiene requirements.
    Provides student with a safe learning place.
     Issues the student with a certificate upon satisfactory completion of both theoretical or practical parts of the course programme.
    Treats the student respectfully at all times.
  •  The student-
  •  Guarantee to attend the training as agreed with trainer & arrives on time.
     Observes both hygiene & safety in the training venue & takes full responsibility for his/her actions whilst at the venue.
     Treats the equipment, materials & other resources provided with respect & care.
    Should inform the trainer at least 24 hours in advance should he/she is unable to attend the training session.
     Confirms that they have the correct qualification to be able to train in the training programme.
  •  Agrees that they are responsible for their own insurance.
    Agrees & completes the payment for the training course in full, prior to its practical part.
     Hereby indemnifies the Trainer & the training venue from any liability, damages, cost & expenses arising or out of the treatments performed by him/her outside the centre or if working on models who pay him/her for the treatment, during all training.
  •  Holds the trainer or the training venue NOT responsible for the student’s failure to conduct their business successfully post certification.
  •  Treats the trainer with respect
  •  If the student interrupts the training course at his/her own will, the trainer does not refund the paid tuition fee.
  •  The student is not guaranteed to pass however we will put in extra training & support to enable the student to learn to their full potential & we will work with the student to ensure to the best of our ability that a pass status is reached.
     We as an training academy are not responsible for material, products or prescribes for students but we can recommend them for student use.
  •  The agreement enters into force on the day of registration.
     The certificate is drawn up into two copies. One remains with Pamperlicious By Kelly. The second copy is given to the student. Both have the same legal power. If the trainee requires a second certificate it will cost £10.00 
    The student accepts that the cost of the training is non-refundable, but transferable to alternative courses/dates, only once under force of major circumstances. Official proof should be provided. Deposits themselves are non refundable.
     The student accepts that photographs &/or videos will be taken/recorded during training is property of Pamperlicious By  Kelly It is not under any circumstance permitted to share them on social media or with others than with prior consent Pamperlicious By Kelly
     The student accepts that the manual & material & all its context is protected by the copyright act. The student accepts the full responsibility for keeping the manual safe & confirms that will not copy or share it with others without written consent Pamperlicious By Kelly.
  • All of   Pmaperlicious by Kelly work is copyrighted. Copyright protects our work & stops others from using it without permission of the owner.
  • 4.2. Copyright prevents people from:
  • Copying manuals
  • Renting or lending copies of our manuals
  • Putting our manuals on the internet
  • Distributing copies of our manuals, whether it is free or for sale
  • Showing our manuals in public
  •  Same for images and videos shown or any intellectual property
  •  Pamperlicious By Kelly takes copyright extremely seriously & they will take legal action is copyright is breached in any way.
  •  On the training day I consent to having treatment as a model and I will notify the tutor if I am on any medication, had recent surgery or had any recent treatment on the area being treated.
  •  I understand that I may experience cuts/abrasions/burns/lumps/swelling and I understand that participating in any training events can carry risks when participating as a model.
  •  I understand that failing to inform the staff about any medical issues and/or drug use can lead to serious complications.
  •  I acknowledge that I am responsible for any medical care I may have that is directly or in directly related to the services received. If I seek medical treatment for any side effect or reaction, it will be at my own expense. I acknowledge and agree that the sole risk of injury or harm resulting in any manner from my voluntary participation in injection services rests entirely with me to the extent that I fail to disclose my health condition(s), medications, or drug use in advance of the services provided. I expressly represent and warrant that I have never been diagnosed with or treated for any illnesses or conditions that may result in increased risk when participating in the services provided. I understand that we/us bear no responsibility for and will not screen for, diagnose, monitor, or provide any care for such conditions. I acknowledge that we/us rely upon information provided by me in assessing my ability to participate in the services provided.
  •  I hereby give my consent and authorisation voluntarily and release the establishment and its agents of any claims that I have or may have in the future in connection with the described treatment in training events and sessions.
  •  Refunds
  •  Due to limited seating, we request that you cancel at least 48 hours before a scheduled class. This gives us the opportunity to fill the class. You may cancel by phone giving 48 hours, but do not offer refunds. You may However, if you do not cancel prior to the 48 hours, you will lose the payment for the class. The owner has the only right to be flexible here.
  • For online training courses fees are non-refundable, however, can be transferred to a different course if the course has not been started within 7 days from purchase